This shows exactly where your leadership lies and it could save your dogs life.

Dogs running out of doors, yards, parks after a ball or a squirrel or for whatever reason and you have only one chance to call them before they meet the street and traffic.

Scary stuff.

And often because we are scared knowing what could happen if they don’t respond we sound frustrated or angry when we are calling them and so they don’t respond. Dogs don’t follow unbalanced energy.
One way to solve this is to never call your dog when frustrated.

Another way is to not use words. By whistling or using kissy sounds it’s difficult to show that you are fearful or frustrated improving your chances of having a dog that responds to you in a stressful situation.

Ultimately though it comes down to leadership. And the best way to create that is by walking them properly. Having them at your side not in front. Not pulling. Not barking or lunging or marking everything.

This transfers to the recall.👌

This allows you to stop unwanted behaviours in the home and anywhere else you go with your dog.
If you want help with this please message me I would love to help you with your dog.