Group Classes For Dogs In Toronto



Conscious canine companion

Group classes

Mark Elliott’s Conscious group classes are an opportunity for you to work with Mark in an outdoor group setting, alongside other dogs and their owners. The conscious canine companion course is specially designed to focus on building your relationship and communication skills with your dog to eliminate problem behaviours, with an emphasis on consistency and results.

Saturday & Sunday Groups

The course is 4 weeks, and owners have the option to participate in the group classes in Mark’s Saturday or Sunday group.

Group classes are best for dogs:


  • have difficulties controlling their excitement

  • jump on people to greet them

  • do not know how to have proper introductions to other dogs

  • react to cars, bicycles, loud noises or other dogs (non-aggressively)

  • pull, lunge, or sniff incessantly on a leash

  • dogs who do not try to attack other people or dogs

Group classes are best for people who:


  • are tired of being dragged by their dog during walks

  • are looking or a program focus on consistency, progress, and results

  • would like to work with Mark at a lower cost than private sessions

  • are comfortable with balanced training methods

  • want to improve their communications and relationship with their dogs

  • are looking for an opportunity to work with their dogs in a controlled environment


Classes will be held outdoors, rain or shine at Woodbine Park


Classes will be held for 75 minutes every Saturday & Sunday at 1:00pm on the following dates:


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